Tinie Tempah says it’s ‘most flattering thing’ being royal’s ‘favourite rapper’

He’s a chart-topping rapper, TV presenter and, more recently, a fast food guru with his own range of wraps, but for Tinie Tempah, being a dad is by far his most challenging role to date.

The musician, 34, and his artist wife Eve De Haan, 30, welcomed a daughter in 2018 and a son
last year. He tells OK! “nothing makes you more anxious than being a parent”.

As he looks back on his career, Tinie – real name Patrick Okogwu – opens up about being the royal family’s favourite rapper, his teenage anxiety and his bond with Cheryl Tweedy…

Hi, Tinie! Did you always want to be a father?

Yeah. My parents are still together and I believe that’s part of the reason why I’m the way I am. I was always going to go for a big family because that’s what I grew up seeing. There’s never been any other alternative.

How are you finding fatherhood?

Nothing makes you more anxious than being a parent, but it’s not going to kill you, it’s going to make you stronger.

Apparently you’re the royal family’s favourite rapper…

I read that! God knows how that’s a thing. I’ve done a couple of performances where certain members of the royal family have been present – Prince William, Prince Harry and the late Queen – which is one of the most flattering things in the world. For them to say I’m their favourite rapper is incredible.

Is there a performance you’ve done that you’d love to relive?

My first ever Glastonbury. I went out on the Pyramid Stage with Snoop Dogg in 2010 and I remember this whole new world opening up to me. I’m a council estate kid from south east London, so growing up I wasn’t really exposed to festival life.

You worked with Cheryl Tweedy on her single, Crazy Stupid Love, back in 2014. What was she like?

Cheryl was the sweetheart of England at the time, she could do no wrong. Everyone loves Chezza! We could relate to each other being artists who’d come from humble beginnings. There’s a reason we connected so well. So she was willing to do the record, and I quite liked the record, so we did it. And it went to No1.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

I would definitely tell myself, “You’re not gonna die. Enjoy things a little bit more and live in the moment a bit more.” At secondary school, I remember having this ridiculous anxiety before my mock exams. I thought, “The whole world is going to end.”

You’ve teamed up with Silver Cross to launch your own nursery range. How did that come about?

Becoming a dad, I realised that aesthetically, a lot of things in the market were not advertised towards men when it came to nursery gear. I wanted to create something that had appeal on both sides. Silver Cross was a perfect brand to collab with – it has so much history and heritage.

Silver Cross Rise by Tinie is a new design led collection from luxury nursery brand Silver Cross and Tinie, launching in stores and online early 2023.


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