This US politician was forced to resign after her nudes were leaked – now she is writing a book

Katie Hill was forced to resign from congress last year after her nude photos were leaked. Her resignation speech went viral, and now she is writing a book.

When congresswoman Katie Hill was forced to resign last year, after her nude photos were circulated online, her farewell speech went viral.

The former California representative, who was investigated by the House of Representatives over claims she had a sexual relationship with one of her staff members, delivered a passionate indictment about revenge porn, calling out the “double standard” on women’s sexual behaviour. 

“I’m stepping down, but I refuse to let this experience scare off other women who dare to take risks, who dare to step into this light, who dare to be powerful,” she said at the time.

Hill denied the allegations that she had had an affair with her legislative director. She did, however,admit to a consensual relationship with a female aide, but as the relationship had happened before Hill was elected to Congress, it could not have been in violation of House ethics. Nevertheless, the ensuing backlash of these two scandals – and having her private photos “weaponised” against her – ultimately forced Hill to step down.

Now, Hill is ready to expand on her viral farewell speech in She Will Rise: part memoir, part gender-equality blueprint. Hill hopes the book will inspire women, and let them know they can own their mistakes and get back up, no matter how difficult the experience, she told the New York Times. “It would be much easier for me to just disappear, but I’m not, and this is an act of defiance, staying in the forefront,” she said. “You can’t let other people take away your power or your voice, even when it’s hard.”

She Will Rise: Katie Hill resigned from congress last year.

Since leaving her political post last October, Hill has been working on a number of projects, including her own political action (PAC) committee. 

Earlier this month at the MAKERS conference in Los Angeles, Hill announced HER Time, a brand new coalition dedicated to mobilizing and supporting a generation of young women “to help them break through those final glass ceilings, one crack at a time”. 

The PAC will provide financial resources and mentorship to female candidates to help them get involved in politics and guide them through the process of running for office.

She Will Rise: Katie Hill hopes to help other women

Between this new committee and her upcoming novel, Hill’s message is clear: she isn’t going anywhere, and you better believe she is taking other women with her on the way back up.

She Will Rise by Katie Hill (£22.30, Grand Central Publishing) is out on 18 August 2020.

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