'Thinking Beer' on Elysian Rolling Stone Lager, Summer Backyard BBQ Playlist

In the latest episode of their Thinking Beer video series, hosts Max Bakker and Ryan Daley discuss the “complete summer beer experience” with Elysian Brewing co-founder Joe Bisacca and Jerry Portwood, Rolling Stone‘s digital director.

The two brands launched their Elysian Rolling Stone Lager earlier in the spring, and this was the first time they had an opportunity to share more background on the collaboration.

“[We were] trying to find a beer [to drink during a] live show, so reasonable malt body that was going to be complex — have a little teeth to it,” Bisacca explains. “And a hop profile that wasn’t going to be boring; that was going to give you that bite that you get out of an IPA without being so bitter, sort of pine-tarry, gonna give you that balance with that beer.”

Portwood adds, “They weren’t making a beer for Rolling Stone, they were making it with us,” before the two discuss the design and the inspiration for the graphics and text on the black can. The can boasts a “Letter From the Brewer,” which was adapted from the “Letter From the Editor” from the first issue of the publication in 1967. The five stars are a reference to RS’ five-star reviews and the box features a nostalgic logo design that can be combined to spell out the magazine’s name.

To prepare for a summer barbecue, the foursome share their favorite music genres — Ryan likes funk to set a bass line, while Max is eager for some late Eighties or Nineties punk. And to help with some cooking inspiration, Chef Andrew — from Elysian Capitol Hill Brewery in Seattle, Washington — also shares recipes that use Rolling Stone Lager for sauces, caramelized baby carrots and “an old family favorite”: Beef Short Rib Sloppy Joe.

Listen to Rolling Stone‘s Perfect Backyard BBQ playlist on Spotify.

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