These Tweets About Tayshia Sending Noah Home On ‘The Bachelorette’ Say It All

Wherever Noah Erb goes, drama seems to follow. At least that’s how it’s been during his time on Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette. From the moment he joined in the middle of the season, Noah’s stirred the pot among the other guys. But, his time on The Bachelorette is up since Tayshia sent him packing in the Dec. 14 episode. These tweets about Tayshia sending Noah home on The Bachelorette show Bachelor Nation’s range of opinions on the controversial guy.

Noah just barely made it another week on The Bachelorette after his two-on-one date with Tayshia and Bennett Jordan. Noah and Bennett butted heads in a big way this season, with 36-year-old Bennett especially highlighting the big age difference between him and 25-year-old Noah. Bennett repeatedly called him "young Noah" and even gifted him a book about emotional intelligence that seemed to be more for the purposes of highlighting what Noah might be lacking. By the end of the date, Tayshia decided to send Bennett home, so things worked out for Noah — sort of. Tayshia told Noah that her sending Tayshia home didn’t mean an automatic victory for him and she made him wait to receive his rose until the rose ceremony. That rose gave him another week with Tayshia, but their time together didn’t last long.

With hometowns coming soon, Tayshia made a bunch of eliminations pretty quickly. She sent both Blake Moynes and Riley Christian home, and she decided that a cocktail party would delay the inevitable, so next they went straight into the next rose ceremony. Bennett snuck back to the resort by by professing his love for Tayshia, but he and Noah were the two guys sent home during the rose ceremony. Fans had a lot to say about the fact that the two guys wound up getting eliminated at the same time:

Noah said he had wanted to show Tayshia that he was ready for marriage and that he knows he’ll make someone happy as his wife. It looks like he’ll just have to continue his own search for love in order to find that lucky lady.

Season 16 of The Bachelorette continues on Tuesday, Dec. 15 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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