The Weeknd won’t have any ‘guest stars’ for his 24-minute-long Halftime show

The Super Bowl is this weekend. Is it just me or is that barely on anyone’s radar? I mean, there was a lot of conversation when Tom Brady – who now plays for Tampa Bay – managed to get into his millionth Super Bowl. But beyond that, everything just seems kind of muted. What’s also screwing me up is that any other year, pandemic or not, we would be hearing a lot about the Halftime Show and who will perform. The Weeknd was quietly announced as the Halftime performer a few months ago and… that was about it as far as media coverage went. Now it turns out that The Weeknd won’t even bring any guest stars into his performance?

Don’t expect any surprise stars during the Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday. The Weeknd confirmed in an interview on the NFL Network Thursday that he has no special guests lined up to join him on stage during his performance.

“I’ve been reading a lot of rumors,” he said. “There wasn’t any room to fit it in the narrative and the story I was telling in the performance. So, there’s no special guests, no.”

Several Super Bowl headliners over the years have stunned viewers with featured guests. Last year, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s joint performance also included appearances from Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Lopez’s daughter Emme Muñiz. Katy Perry also invited other performers to join her onstage in 2015. Her set featured guest appearances from Lenny Kravitz and rapper Missy Elliott.

The Weeknd has already revealed several other details about what fans can expect to see during his halftime performance, which he told Billboard will be 24 minutes long — the longest in Super Bowl history. The 30-year-old star also said he will be performing in both the stands and on the field during the show.

“Due to the COVID, and for the safety of the players and the workers, we built a stage within the stadium,” he said. “And we’re also using the field as well. But we wanted to do something that we’ve never done before.”

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Literally every Halftime performer builds a stage within the stadium? Why is Abel like “I’m different, guys, you don’t understand, we’ve got a STAGE within the stadium!!” As for no guest stars… yeah, I don’t think the Weeknd is going to be “enough”? Coldplay is a great, beloved band with tons of hits and even they knew that they weren’t “enough” so right after they got the gig, they truly invited Beyonce and Bruno Mars to join them. Same with Katy Perry – tons of hits, a beloved pop star, etc. She was also like “I’m inviting Missy!!” Now the Weeknd is gonna make us watch 24 minutes of JUST him singing his Jackson Five Revue?

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