The Internet Is Reading Tom Brady’s Lips & Freaking Out About What He Just Said!

Tom Brady and his New England Patriots teammate Julian Edelman were sitting courtside at the North Carolina vs Syracuse men’s basketball game at the Carrier Dome on Saturday (February 29) in Syracuse, New York.

When a TV camera caught them in the front row, Julian could be seen appearing to say “He’s coming back. He’s coming back.” This is in reference to Tom‘s status as a free agent quarterback in the NFL. He played his entire career for the Patriots, but there’s a chance he could leave the team if a better offer comes along.

Well…fans are noticing what happened several seconds after this moment!

It appears as if Tom waits several seconds before saying, “He’s not.” This seems to indicate that Tom might be leaving the Patriots!

See what Tom‘s wife Gisele Bundchen said about the possibility of leaving the New England area for another team.

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