The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter Weber Gets Engaged, Then DUMPS His Fiancee For Someone Else!

Folks, it's really happening.

For years, Chris Harrison has been promising us the most dramatic Bachelor season finale ever — and now it looks he might finally make good on his word.

Bachelor spoilers have been circulating since late last year, and several sources claimed to have definitive knowledge of who receives Peter Weber's final rose on this week's two part-finale.

Some were right. Most were wrong. And no one predicted the insanity that would take place when Peter proposes to one of his finalists — and then dumps her for someone else. 

Yeah. That really happened. And you're about to watch it all unfold.

Here's everything we know so far:

1.Rose For the Occasion

2.Some Background

3.Prewett Purity

4.Player Pete

5.Mad About Madi

6.Headed For an Easy Victory?

7.Making It Work?

8.One Concerned Mom

9.It's a Madi World

10.A Long and Winding Road

11.Hannah Left Hanging

12.International Romance

13.Here's Where It Really Gets Ugly

14.Unpopular Pete

15.Oh, No He Didn't

16.Now That's a Twist

17.Well, Duh

18.Well, That Should Be Uncomfortable

19.The Heart Wants What It Wants

20.What In the Actual Eff?

21.Lingering Questions

22.Dead In the Water?

23.Shaky Ground

24.Wouldn't Be the First Time

25.Additional Challenges

26.Didn't See That One Coming!

27.Oh, This Is Gonna Get Crazy

28.Strap In

29.This Is … A Lot

30.Grab Your Popcorn

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