Terrible choice Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha says daughter Maddy saved her life

Nadia Sawalha says it is 'wrong' to censor comedy shows

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Nadia Sawalha, 57, has said that she felt as if having her first child was a serious life-saving remedy following her early years of wild partying. She explained that prior to wedlock and having children, her and husband Mark Adderley had a hedonistic and wild lifestyle and she initially thought it would be a “terrible choice” to have kids.

She admitted that bringing a child into her world seemed like the wrong choice at the time, but ended up being a key to changing her life. 

Nadia spoke up about the life event on the How To Stay Married (so far) podcast. 

She told Mark in the episode that she initially felt having a baby with him was a “terrible” choice, but later changed her mind. 

The Loose Women host said: “Having a baby with you was a terrible choice, on paper. 

“A terrible choice, and you with me.”

She continued, saying that she was “planning a different life” and didn’t like him enough to have children with him at the time. 

“When I met you I wasn’t thinking about having children, I was really planning a different life. 

“I didn’t want to have a child with someone I didn’t like enough.”

“I was a bit bruised by my eldest sister’s relationship and I wasn’t looking at motherhood with rose tinted glasses,” the star said.

She used the phrase “beautiful disaster” to explain her early relationship with her husband. 

Nadia said that her initial relationship was beset by “serious tragedies”, leading to them drinking heavily. 

The star said she and Mark would drink so much that the two would see if “it would be funny to lie on the road and see if we’d be run over.” 

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The presenter went on to explain that having her daughter Kiki, 14, was a “bonkers” experience and she would never want to repeat those first two years. 

She said she would “live out of a suitcase, smoke like a maniac, and party hard“.

She confirmed it was having daughter Maddy that “saved her life”. 

The star explained: “I was just looking at this baby going, ‘Right, who am I going to be?’”

Nadia recently spoke to Express Online about how she has only just started to become comfortable with life after the pandemic. 

She confessed she was mainly concerned about her children and parents. 

Nadia explained: “The hardest thing was being scared for my elderly parents who lived next door.

“But apart from that, because I’m such a homebody, I was alright with being at home so much.”

The star has previously said she homeschools her two daughters with Mark. 

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