TALK OF THE TOWN: Margot Robbie reads Harry Potter fans the riot act

TALK OF THE TOWN: ‘Please just enjoy the books first!’ Margot Robbie reads Harry Potter fans the riot act

What’s the quickest way to befriend actress Margot Robbie? Tell her you haven’t read any Harry Potter books!

The 30-year-old Wolf Of Wall Street star explains: ‘It gets people’s blood boiling that I haven’t seen any Star Wars films – I find it endlessly amusing how upset people get. 

‘But I totally understand because it’s like me when someone says they haven’t read Harry Potter but they’re going to go and just watch the movies. I’m like, “I will come to your house and read it to you – please just enjoy the books first!”’

Margot Robbie (pictured right, in July last year) says to Harry Potter fans who haven’t read the books but are going to see the movie: ‘Please just enjoy the books first!’

Her nickname may be ‘Toff’ but Georgia Toffolo says life was anything put posh when she first set foot in London. 

Toff, 26, who found fame on Made In Chelsea, rented a room for just £45 a week when she moved from Devon as a teenager. ‘It was described as a room but it was honestly a cupboard,’ says Toff. 

‘I remember sitting on the single bed and I was so happy. It was like I had arrived. The queen was here.’ 

Appropriate then that she now has a palace by comparison – a £650,000 Chelsea apartment.

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