Steph McGovern teases being ‘stuck’ with partner during lockdown: ‘She’s gonna kill me!’

Steph McGovern, 38, made a light-hearted comment about her partner during Thursday’s epsiode of The Steph Show, cracking a joke about being “stuck” at home with her during lockdown. But it was all done in jest, as everyone’s favourite Yorkshire lass attempted to bring some much needed humour and cheer to everyone also stuck at home.

That’s like me and my partner – stuck together!

Steph McGovern

The former BBC presenter’s self-titled Channel 4 show, launched for the first time on Monday but not in a conventional studio.

Tougher measures have meant she has had to move the wouldn’t-be-studio to her own front room, with the boom guy standing outside the window and the sound techs sitting in the garage, all doing a super job to bring The Steph Show to life.

And you know what, it works!

It hasn’t stopped her from making a splash with the new daytime chat show, which so many viewers have praised her for.


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Yesterday, Steph spoke about issues that are affecting everyone across the nation and managed to squeeze in a cheeky swipe at her partner at the same time.

While discussing what has been on her “reasons to be cheerful” list, she encouraged others to send in theirs as well.

Scrolling through tweets from fans wanting to share how they’re getting through isolation, she read out one that provoked her to make the light-hearted remark.

“Lee on Twitter says ‘I’m enjoying this special time with my two rescue cats, they’re making me feel cheerful.’ Aw that’s nice isn’t it!” she cooed.

“‘Two boy cats who hated each other are now learning to like each other.’

“That’s like me and my partner – stuck together!” she mumbled with a grin, comparing it to her own family situation.

As she began to read aloud the next message, she quickly interrupted herself: “Just kidding, she’s going to kill me!”

But we’re sure she’s not alone on that one!

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The former BBC Breakfast presenter also revealed to viewers what she and her family have been doing to pass the time.

Steph and her partner welcomed a baby daughter – whose name has been kept private – back in November, so they’re got their hands full when it comes to being mums.

But speaking earlier in the week, Steph explained: “The real highlight of my day, once I’ve been chatting to all you guys, is going out for a walk, how exciting is going out for a walk now?”

She continued: “After the show, what I do is get the baby in the pram and [say] ‘Right let’s go out’ and we get a bit of air, bit of exercise, wave at the neighbours and all that jazz, and then you’re wondering along, I’m chatting to my baby and then that moment when you see someone, you do the social distance dance!”


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And, with Steph being at home more often, she shared that she’s managed to get their little bundle of joy into an improved sleeping routine.

While speaking to Strictly Come Dancing star Anton Du Beke, Steph explained: “Because I’m here all the time now, I’ve actually been able to get the baby into a sleeping pattern!”

Admitting it came as a surprise to her, she exclaimed: “I never thought I’d be able to do [it].”

“I think it’s just because I’m here all the time.”

The Steph Show continues daily at 12pm on Channel 4.

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