Soko Releases ‘Feel Feelings’ Album, Talks Queer Love and Rainbow Emotions

Soko has been working at her new album, Feel Feelings, for over two years and now it’s finally out in the world on all streaming services!

The French singer-songwriter told us that the 12-song compilation is “extremely vulnerable but sound[s] very positive and warm, like being all wrapped up in a massive comforter by a fire place in the winter.” Check out our exclusive interview with her below!

Just days ago, Soko released the video for “Looking for Love“. And you can now stream Soko‘s new album Feel Feelings here!

FYI: Soko wears a tiger Gucci necklace, silver Natalia Fedner necklace, Bonum denim jacket and Adina’s Jewels ear cuff. In the gallery, Soko dons a Marina Hoermanseder cowboy hat and chain mail Natalia Fedner tank top.

Click inside for our exclusive interview with Soko…


JJ: Has your album been given new meaning now that you’re releasing it during these unexpected and unprecedented times?
The album is called Feel Feelings for a reason. I finished recording it about two years ago now, before I was a mum! Before I was even pregnant actually! I always felt like the rainbow represents the best of my emotions, as there’s no magic without the sun AND the rain. Meaning that for life to be really enjoyed to the fullest, I find fundamental to deal with all the emotions. The overall climate being what it is right now in the world and especially, the political climate in the US is very infuriating. But there’s an overall consciousness that is really shifting and craving for a change towards more equality in the world. That festers all sorts of feelings, anger, frustration, hopelessness, but also…..the opposite: hope, togetherness, compassion and learning about all of it all together.

So… somehow, it makes sense that my album had to wait this whole time to come out now, it feels appropriate. And I wanted I deliberately wanted it to be extremely vulnerable but sound very positive and warm, like being all wrapped up in a massive comforter by a fire place in the winter. And another thing is, now I keep telling my baby [Indigo], “It”s ok to feel all the feelings, they’re always welcome, and there’s no need for shame or guilt around them, it’s important to embrace even the not so pretty ones to be able to learn and grow from them”. That is something that definitely developed with motherhood that I didn’t think my album was going to bring into my life.

JJ: What does being queer mean to you? Does it inform all of your work? How about your personal life choices outside of love?
Being queer means that I can love whoever I please regardless of their gender. It means embracing the LGBTQ+ community fully and being loud and proud about it. My partner [Stella Leoni] is a wonderful woman and I feel extremely lucky that we live in an era where our love is finally legal. It was only a few years back that same sex marriage was illegal. So, being able to raise my baby with the person I love isn’t something that I take for granted.

And as far as work goes, I love working with LGBTQ+ people, I like celebrating differences and empowering each other through our work. My favorite place to eat at in LA is a vegan restaurant called Jewel, it is queer-owned and those badass ladies are also POC, so all the better! That definitely makes me love the place even more knowing that not only their hearts in the right place and their care about sourcing their produce locally, but also they are a huge part of creating a beautiful, safe community. They also make the best vegan/gluten free pizzas you’ll ever ever have!

JJ: What’s your favorite song from the album and why?
That’s a hard one. I might have two favorites maybe! (laughs) “Blasphémie” is the first song I ever wrote in French, and I like how slow and steamy it feels and it’s also very dramatic but in a poetic French way!

And “Now What?” was the last song I wrote for the record. The idea of having big dreams and goals, manifesting it all and then seeing it happen is just such a wild ride to me. So far, I’ve overachieved all the things I dreamt of as a kid, and I thought most of it wasn’t even attainable. So, when I was about to finish recording the album, I was really scared of what came next. I had a lot of anxiety about it. “Now What?” What’s next for me ? But guess what… what came next is that I became a mom, which was one of my biggest dreams as a kid. That really changed my life and gave me new perspective, and now I get to do everything all over again and witness Indigo Blue do it all for the first time!

JJ: You’ve very particular about your visuals. What specific things has trained your eye and taste level the most?
Well, thanks for noticing that. I’ve always watched a lot of movies and i’ve always been very opinionated with what i like and don’t like. i’ve always had a very DIY approach to making art, as in, just use what’s around and make it work to your advantage. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have budget to so grandiose things, as long as you have ideas, the best thing it to make it all look and feel intentional.

JJ: Are there any new artists that have been exciting you and why?
I am obsessed with the new Cate Le Bon record – “Reward” and the last Conan Mockasin record “Jassbusters”. Although they’re not new artists but people I’ve loved for years. Their new music is just… so special!

Stream Soko‘s new album “Feel Feelings” now!

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