'SNL' Mocks Dr. Fauci in Hilarious Skit Over Mask-Wearing Confusion

Confused about mask-wearing these days??? Well, this “Saturday Night Live” video won’t help, but it’s hilarious.

Kate McKinnon played a mean Dr. Anthony Fauci during the cold open of the show, which focused on confusion over mask-wearing in the wake of the CDC’s new guidelines.

McKinnon, who has Fauci’s voice down pat, walked us all through various scenarios which may or may not require masking up.

There’s a scene on an airplane where a flight attendant and passenger talk masks, but they confess they’re super horny and start to bang.

The skit then gets right up to the line as a dude goes to pick up a child from school as a school official discusses mask-wearing … turns out the dude doesn’t have kids.

It’s funny, but the confusion is real, with states, local governments and businesses all over the board on mask-wearing.

BTW … Olivia Rodrigo was the musical guest, and she did not disappoint.

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