Shawn Mendes Denies Feuding With Justin Bieber During Early Career

The ‘Treat You Better’ hitmaker shuts down the rumored feud with Bieber, insisting that, while they ‘were maybe not friends,’ they were never enemies either.

AceShowbizShawn Mendes has set the record straight about his relationship with Justin Bieber.

The pair recently collaborated on the track “Monster” but, according to long-standing speculation, the hitmakers were feuding early in their careers.

Speaking in a video question and answer video with GQ magazine, the 21-year-old Wonder singer insists that’s not the case at all, stating, “Justin and I were never enemies. We were maybe not friends.”

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He added that he wasn’t actually “texting (Justin) and being like, ‘Yo, how you doing today?’ but we were never enemies, absolutely, and that’s kind of something that people maybe might’ve turned it into at some point.”

Shawn did recall a video that Justin made asking who he was years ago, but he affirmed, “He said he really genuinely didn’t know who I was, and I believed him. So whatever, maybe he did and he was trying to bug me either way.”

Although they were not really close, Shawn Mendes has always admired Bieber as he previously described their collaboration as his full circle moment. “For me, this guy who was the reason I started singing. I was nine when ‘One Time’ came out, and I completely was all in,” he explained. “[Bieber] was Elvis to me.”

“And to come back around and to have this very human to human conversation with him and his truth to come into that song and my truth to be there, it feels like one of the most special songs I’ve ever wrote. And the more I listened to it and the deeper I get into it, this is not just about celebrities. This is the human experience.”

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