‘Seaspiracy’ Producer Kip Andersen Says Oceanic Doomsday Just 27 Years Away

Imagine a world where the oceans have ZERO fish — that’s pretty much doomsday for the planet, and it could happen by 2048 … at least based on Kip Andersen‘s research while making “Seaspiracy.”

The producer of the popular Netflix documentary joined TMZ Live and laid out the dangerous impact he says commercial fishing’s having on our oceans. He claims it’s, in essence, creating a seismic ripple effect on climate change.

Kip makes no bones about it … the leading cause of the ocean’s destruction is the fishing industry, and he says it’s a damn shame its impact has been intentionally covered up. But, not anymore.

Kip, who also made ‘Cowspiracy,’ says his latest doc shines a light on the impact commercial fishing has on our oceans — but adds the damage goes well beyond environmental. He claims social rights issues also plague the industry — including allegations of slavery — and they uncovered it while making “Seaspiracy.”

Kip does offer solutions so we don’t reach these catastrophic levels. But, if no one acts, he lays out the dire consequences — if the oceans die, we die.

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