Sean Ono Lennon mocks Portland statue vandals: ‘The Pyramids should be torn down immediately’

Portland rioters topple statues of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt

Author Brad Meltzer explains the importance of preserving history on ‘Fox & Friends.’

When you talk about destruction, you can count out Sean Ono Lennon.

Last Sunday’s “Day of Rage” in Portland, Ore. – in which rioters toppled statues of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt – drew mockery on Twitter from Lennon, the 45-year-old son of the late ex-Beatle John Lennon and artist Yoko Ono.

“Can someone explain why it appears a Lincoln statue was toppled in Portland,” Lennon wrote Monday. “Asking for a friend.”

Lennon, a musician, songwriter and producer who has played in several bands over the years, then sarcastically suggested that rioters might not have gone far enough in trying to right humanity’s past wrongs.

“The Pyramids of Giza were made under coercion from the evil Pharaohs who were not very woke,” he wrote in another tweet. “I think we can all agree the Pyramids should be torn down immediately.”

He added: “Since the invasion of Britain by the Emperor Julius Caesar in 55 B.C., Italy has remained deafeningly silent. I think it’s time Italy was held accountable.”

Sunday’s vandalism in Portland – part of more than four months of nightly unrest since the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis – also drew condemnation from President Trump.

“Put these animals in jail, now,” the president wrote on Twitter on Monday. “The Radical Left only knows how to take advantage of very dumb ‘leadership’ fools. This is Biden! Law & Order!”

Lennon has previously posted commentary on social issues and politics.

In May, he mocked the use of the term “partner” for romantic relationships.

“When did it become woke to say ‘my partner?’" he wrote on Twitter at the time. "I mean it’s the least sexy moniker I can think of. It’s as if you’re working together at a law firm. I’d rather be called ‘my b—h.’”

Last November, Lennon went to bat for Democratic U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a former presidential candidate who was being blocked from participating in a primary debate.

“Even if you are skeptical of @TulsiGabbard you can’t say she doesn’t deserve to be part of this race,” Lennon wrote. “She is the primary candidate who is adding to a conversation around ending unnecessary wars.”

Lennon’s mother, Yoko Ono, is now 87. His late father, John Lennon, would have turned 80 on Oct. 9.

Dec. 8 will mark 40 years since the ex-Beatle was fatally shot outside his home in New York City.

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