Scott Disick Goes For It: Declares Love For Kourtney Kardashian & Talks Marriage In Latest KUWTK Teaser!

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are soulmates… in a way.

After all, they were together romantically for a long, long time — and now, they are still connected and working on the same plane with their stellar and seamless ability to co-parent. But could it ever become more than that? Even with Amelia Hamlin and Travis Barker in the picture right now?

In a new preview for next week’s upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it appears things all come to a head regarding Kourt and Scott’s very tight relationship. And with a little plodding along and emotional support from Khloé Kardashian, the Flip It Like Disick star even toys with popping THE question to the Poosh founder!

Yes, really!

As was shown in a teaser for the season, the marriage talk first comes up as part of a family dinner, where the 37-year-old reality TV stud sits down with Kourtney, her siblings, and momager Kris Jenner to break bread. One thing leads to another, and the girls all show a strong sense of support for Scott and Kourtney finally walking down the aisle together — if it were to ever hypothetically happen, of course.

And the desire makes sense! Heck, they’ve known each other for years, they were together for a looooong time, and they share three children! Not that those alone are reasons to get married, of course, but these two just can’t quit each other! Just saying!

After the dinner, Scott drops the L-bomb on Kourt, and gives her something of an ultimatum, saying:

“Either we figure out creating our own lives together, or separately.”

But she demurs, claiming (below):

“That’s a lot of pressure to put on me.”

Girl, sure, but you’ve already got three kids together. You’ve known the dude for 15 years! Like, pressure? Oooookay… Eventually, Scott pushes the question out to the whole family in a group setting, asking at dinner if there was “anybody that thinks we shouldn’t get married?”

Khloé and big sis Kim Kardashian go AWF in response, with Kim calling a potential marriage proposal “epic” while the Revenge Body host literally takes to pounding on the table and chanting “Marriage! Marriage! Marriage!”


Even the family’s 65-year-old matriarch gets behind the marriage possibility! Staying even-keeled during the reveal, Kris offers this tidbit up for the group, directed at Scott specifically:

“If you could just bring it within yourself to go over there, get on one knee, propose, we’ll have the wedding, it’ll be amazing… make my daughter respectable!”

WOW! Things are moving quickly here! Touched by the show of love, Scott turns to Kourt and drops the ULTIMATE ultimatum on her, saying:

“I love you, and I’m ready to marry you right here, right now.”

He even doubles down in a cut-away confessional, adding:

“Kourtney knows that eventually, we will get married and live a good life.”

That could be true!

But in the moment… everything fizzled. In her own confessional, Kourtney tries to walk back all the marriage talk and admits she’s not exactly down to have it at this point:

“I’m feeling ambushed right now.”

And so, the teaser ends.

Womp, womp!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Scott and Kourtney are both in committed relationships with other people right now, but could they ever pop back up in each other’s lives and walk down the aisle at some point in the future?? Or is it all out of the question?

Sound OFF down below with your thoughts on that BIG question…

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