Rosanna Davison says she bawled her eyes out as she watched surrogate give birth

Rosanna Davison confessed she "bawled" her eyes out as she watched her surrogate give birth.

The daughter of musician Chris de Burgh, 35, opened up about her utter joy during her recent appearance on The RTE Late Late Show on Friday.

Miss World 2003 and her husband Wesley Quirke had suffered great heartache as they endured 14 miscarriages during their time together.

But after heaps of disappointment, they were ecstatic to welcome their daughter Sophia in November last year via surrogacy.

Emotional Rosanna choked up as she spoke about the moment she met her baby girl for the first time after she was born via a surrogate.

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"I was balling my eyes out," she said of the birth. "How can you prepare for meeting a stranger carrying your child?!"

The mother-of-one said she thinks about the birth of her daughter every day when she cut the umbilical cord.

However, the model admitted she begged her husband to leave her while they were struggling to conceive a child together.

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The blonde bombshell confessed she found it difficult to watch her friends with babies when she had suffered 14 miscarriages.

She said: “There was time I asked Wes to leave me, I seriously tried to convince him to leave me.

“I found Christmas tough, Mother’s Day was tough, and I was seeing my friends have babies and obviously I was happy for them but it’s tough."

Rosanna and Wes have been going strong since they tied the knot in 2014.

They were delighted to become parents for the first time last year in November.

The Irish actress has a circle of 184K followers on Instagram where she proudly described herself as Sophia's mum.

Rosanna has become famous in her own right while being the daughter of musician Chris de Burgh and the inspiration for the song For Rosanna.

The beauty has carved out a career as an actress, singer, writer and model.

Rosanna also courted attention when she was crowned Miss World in 2003.

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