Richard Madeley says stress of his son Jacks wedding gave him PTSD

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Richard Madeley has quipped that the stress of trying to make sure his son's wedding finally went ahead left him and the rest of his family suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The TV presenter and his wife Judy Finnigan had been waiting to find out whether their son Jack and his fiancee Izzy Wilson would finally be able to go ahead with their wedding, and on Tuesday's Good Morning Britain Richard spoke of his relief that they had tied the knot.

However, he said that the constant back and forth over coronavirus restrictions on weddings had given him and his loved ones PTSD.

Richard is currently back as a guest presenter on Good Morning Britain and co-host Susanna Reid asked him: "I wanted to ask you because last time I saw you, there was a lot of consternation obviously about the restrictions over weddings. Did your son get married?"

Richard confirmed: "I knew you were going to ask me that. Jack got married!"

The rest of the Good Morning Britain team cheered as Richard continued: "To the lovely Izzy, 150 people, it was outside so we could have the dancing and everybody got tested later and nobody got Covid and everyone's happy."

Susanna smiled and said: "Brilliant, well that was all fine in the end."

Richard told her: "It was the one day of sunny weather. Friday it was pouring down, Sunday it was pouring down, Saturday it was sunshine."

Susanna said: "Oh lovely, I'm so relieved for you. There's been so much angst."

But Richard said that he had been badly affected by the angst and was still struggling even after the happy day.

He admitted: "I honestly think that afterwards, including the happy couple, I think we all had a touch of post-traumatic stress disorder because it's been so choppy, but yes, thank you for asking, he got married. We have a daughter-in-law."

As the show cut to competitions presenter Andi Peters, he asked whether we'd be seeing any footage of Richard's dad dancing at the wedding.

Andi said: "Aren't we all over the moon that the wedding happened, thank the lord. But Richard, is there any evidence of you dad dancing because that's something that I would love to see."

Susanna told him: "He said there were no photos. No photos."

But Richard revealed: "Actually, there are some pictures of me dad dancing, there are. There is some video. It's been suppressed by two boys that I've hired."

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