RHOSLC Star Meredith Marks Confronts Jen Shah for Liking Homophobic Remarks About Her Son

After Jen liked ‘horribly painful’ social media posts regarding Brooks’ sexuality, ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ star urges her co-star to declare that she is ‘against homophobic hate.’

AceShowbizMeredith Marks is proving that she’s standing by her family. Upon learning that Jen Shah just liked, retweeted and commented on Twitter posts about her son Brooks’ sexuality, “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star slammed her co-star during an episode of the Bravo show.

During a group ice-fishing scene in the Sunday, September 26 episode of “RHOSLC”, the 49-year-old mom fired back at Jen for her insensitive social media behavior. “There are homophobic tweets regarding my son’s sexuality that you have ‘liked.’ It is really painful,” she began. “I was told about a Zoom that you hosted where you were questioning him coming out and his sexuality.”

“I heard you with my own ears talk about publicly, ‘Well, Brooks has never seen a vagina,’ ” Meredith added. She continued defending her 21-year-old son, “Those are negative homophobic, microaggressions for a young adult — who has not determined where he stands.”

Meredith went on pointing out that Jen’s gestures were hurtful. “It’s horribly painful for someone to be pressured to talk about something they’re not ready to talk about,” the jewelry designer stressed.

“It has to stop. Enough is enough and I need to know that you are against homophobic hate and that you support the LGBT,” Meredith said before Jen got angry and cut her off mid-sentence. “What are you talking about?” she replied in a high pitch. Meredith then responded, “I’m talking about reality.”

After Meredith pulled out receipts, Jen claimed that she doesn’t run her own social media accounts. “I’m telling you, I didn’t like it,” Jen admitted, defending herself, before Meredith fumed, “That’s probably one of 20, 30 different comments that are aggressive and hostile towards my family.”

“Is she f**king out of her mind? I can’t listen to her projecting, deflecting and lying anymore,” an irate Meredith told co-star Lisa Barlow. “She’s a f**king liar and I’ve had enough. I am finished! You don’t f**k with my family.”

As for Brooks, he has not publicly commented on his sexuality. In the same episode, however, he explained, “I get so terrified to even talk about it because it’s so, like, frustrating that it’s even a thing. But basically, like, I log onto Twitter to see Jen liking horribly negative things about me on social media.”

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