Real Housewives Of Potomacs Monique Samuels Is Bringing All Her Receipts To Bindertime Stories – Exclusive

Monique Samuels brought her unique flair to the second season “The Real Housewives of Potomac” and became an immediate fan favorite. Before she announced her departure from “RHOP” in 2020, Monique was a standout on the show, known for her no-holds-barred onscreen clashes with Charrisse Jackson Jordan and Candiace Dillard. Perhaps most memorably, during her final appearance as a Real Housewife at the December 2020 reunion special Monique brought along a color-coded binder of “receipts,” which included printouts of text messages and all manner of juicy intel she’d been gathering of the past few years.

Monique’s receipts are front and center in her new three-part YouTube series “Bindertime Stories,” in which she opens up her binder to offer up some cryptic clues in an epic exercise in tea-spilling and shade-throwing. In an exclusive interview with Nicki Swift, Monique explained the evolution of “Bindertime Stories” and why she decided to delve back into her “RHOP” experience for her latest project.

Monique Samuels reveals how she came up with the concept for "Bindertime Stories"

Monique Samuels told Nicki Swift that the idea for “Bindertime Stories” was actually partly inspired by fans of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” and the drama that came from the reunion. “So ‘Bindertime Stories’ came because the fans of the show who watched the reunion, they kept asking for the receipts. They wanted to see the binder,” Monique explained. “And I’m like, ‘You all, I’m messy, but I’m not that messy.’ So let me figure out a way where I can creatively deliver a little tea without getting sued. And that’s how ‘Bindertime Stories’ came about.” 

“It was my creative way to just put a pencil to the pad and just be done with the whole traumatic experience that I’ve been involved in over the past four years, and just to give people a little taste of some of the receipts that I did have in the binder as well,” she continued. “I’m a creative person. I love to write a good song, a good rhyme. So I just turned it into this riddle where people have to crack the riddle and figure it out themselves.”

Monique Samuels shares the response she's received for "Bindertime Stories"

According to Monique Samuels, she’s been encouraged by the reaction to “Bindertime Stories” from fans of “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” Response, in fact, has “been really good.” Monique continued, “We released part one and part two. Everyone wants to know, ‘When is part three coming?’ So I’m letting everybody know it’s coming. I’ve been so busy with my essential oils company, Mila Eve Essentials, that I’ve not had time to get with my editor and finish the process. He ended up getting into a car accident and it’s a lot of craziness been happening. He’s okay. But I had to wait for him to get his car situation together and then we’ll get back. Because we edit it together in person so it’s a whole process, but it’s coming and I’m really excited about it.”

“Part three is definitely the best out of all the parts,” she added. “Everybody loves it so far who’s been watching it on YouTube. I mean, between the two videos, we’re over 50,000 views. So it’s been really good and a lot of positive feedback from people who love riddles. So it’s been fun.”

Asked if she’s received any feedback from any of the other members of the “RHOP” cast, she replied, “No. Not at all. I guess if they reach out, they’ll be snitching on themselves, so not at all. It’s been quiet as a mouse.”

Monique Samuels’ “Bindertime Stories” can be seen on her “Tea with Monique” YouTube channel.

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