Priscilla Presley Praises Austin Butler's 'Elvis' Performance

Priscilla Presley, the ex-wife of Elvis Presley, thinks Austin Butler did a stunning job playing the late performer … and says the internet should pipe down on the scathing critiques.

We got Priscilla outside the Chinese Theater in Hollywood Tuesday — she was amongst other members of the Presley family as they left their handprints in cement in front of the theater ahead of the new film’s release.

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She says AB is just fantastic in his depiction … and thinks the people talkin’ smack don’t know Elvis the way she did. Priscilla says she felt just like she was watching her ex-husband up on the big screen … even though Butler’s gotten some harsh criticism online for the portrayal.

Users on TikTok tore the actor apart after the studios posted a scene, trying to get a viral challenge going —  but social media trolls said an impersonator from Vegas could’ve done a better job.

Priscilla and the rest of the fam aren’t listening to the noise … and think Austin should do the same.

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