Prince William Jokes About Spreading Coronavirus on Ireland Tour

Prince William made a coronavirus-related joke that is getting some feedback online.

The 37-year-old royal, who is currently in Ireland on a three-day tour, reportedly made the joke in conversation with emergency workers at a reception hosted by Britain’s Ambassador to Ireland, Robin Barnett.

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“I bet everything is like ‘I’ve got coronavirus, I’m dying!’ And you’re like ‘no you’ve just got a cough…’,” he reportedly joked to a paramedic.

“Does it seem quite dramatic about coronavirus at the moment? Is it being a little bit hyped up, do you think, in the media? By the way, the Duke and Duchess are spreading Coronavirus!” he added as a joke, which has been met with some backlash on social media for insensitivity.

To date, the coronavirus has killed over 3,000 people so far and infected almost 90,000 more.

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