Please Enjoy Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon's Latest Dance-Off — It's All About TikTok

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon are no strangers to a good dance-off, and they’re still willing to serve up the moves virtually — with the help of TikTok, of course. Jennifer made an appearance on May 22nd’s Tonight Show: At Home Edition to chat with Jimmy about all things World of Dance and to put her dance skills to the test.

Jimmy whipped up a funny “Watch It Once” challenge where he and Jennifer have a single chance to recreate popular TikTok dances. They’ve both had some training from superpopular TikTok personality, Charli D’Amelio, but when it came down to it, who do you think reigned supreme? Even Jimmy recognized that Jennifer “crushed it” from the first dance, but he still held his own! Watch the full video above to see the hilarious challenge unfold, including a specific routine created by Jennifer herself.

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