Peter Andre’s brother Danny and his wife Sunny introduce beautiful newborn baby Krystalena

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Peter Andre has been in a love bubble of late – because the star has a new addition to the family!

His beloved brother Danny and sister-in-law Sunny Andrea have welcomed their second child, a beautiful daughter they’ve named Krystalena Simi, who they’ve exclusively introduced to new.

The couple – who have been together for 11 years – had their girl on 10 June. She weighed in at 8lb 4oz at 9.36am via C-section at Kettering General Hospital and they gushed, “We’re delighted with her.”

In fact, Danny, 54, says all of the Andre family are besotted with Krystalena after Pete, 48, and his children Amelia, seven, and Theodore, four, came to meet her for the first time.

But could seeing his tiny new niece, a sister to five-year-old Hari, make Pete broody again?

“Anything is possible in the Andre household,” Danny laughs before Sunny, 38, jokes, “I think Krystalena would make anyone broody these days!”

Here, Danny and Sunny reveal how baby number two is settling in, tell us about Pete sharing parenting advice and look back on their Covid nightmare in the run-up to Krystalena’s birth…

Congratulations on your new baby! And what a beautiful name!

Danny: Thank you. Krystalena was my grandmother’s name and both grandmothers had a big hand in bringing us up. It’s a beautiful name because it means light from the crystals. Simi is an Indian name.

Sunny: Our son is Harish, we call him Hari, and we named him after my dad. I was also going to be called Simi. It’s a beautiful Indian name which my parents love, too, and we wanted to incorporate both Indian and Greek cultures, so that’s why we chose it.

Both lovely names! So tell us, what’s Pete like as an uncle?

Danny: Pete and my brother Mike are here in the UK but we hadn’t seen them in person for a long time because of the lockdowns. We see each other every day on FaceTime but we hadn’t seen them for months until they came up two weeks ago so they could meet the baby.

Apart from our bubble, which was Sunny’s parents, it was the first time we had anyone come into our house. They’re all besotted with her. Theo and Amelia came up to meet her as well. Peter and Mike are besotted, absolutely.

Sunny: They’re great uncles with both our kids.

Danny: Every day, I’ll get messages from Peter and Mike saying, “How’s the baby?” They give us tips as well.

What tips has Pete given?

Danny: We share experiences and lots of pictures on our family WhatsApp group. It’s nice. We’ve always had support from both sides of the family. Pete’s been a great uncle. All her uncles have been great uncles.

And did he give Krystalena any presents?

Danny: Yeah, they all did. They bought presents for all the kids. They bought them some toys and clothes. A lot of stuff. They certainly didn’t come empty-handed!

It’s clear all the family get on – are you hoping all the cousins follow suit?

Danny: All of my nieces and nephews are really good kids. They’re all beautiful children and they’ve all got hearts of gold. So, I’ve got no doubt in my mind that they will all be close.

Sunny: I’m close to all my cousins. When Theo and Millie came up, it was like they hadn’t been apart. They have so much love for each other and they give each other hugs and kisses.

They all eat and play together. Hari takes them up to his room and we can hear them playing. There’s so much happiness in the house.

And talk us through the birth – how are you feeling now?

Sunny: I feel really relieved and overjoyed our beautiful little girl is here with us now, and that we can look back and know that we got through it this time.

We wouldn’t have changed a thing. You read things about choosing when is the right time to have a baby and whether it’s safe in the time of Covid.

But we wouldn’t change it for the world. She’s really healthy and despite them saying she was a big baby when she was born, when you look at her she’s so tiny. She’s a happy, beautiful baby girl.

Considering she’s only a few weeks old, she sleeps a lot, and she barely cries. Sometimes we forget she’s there because she’s like a little mouse.

Danny: Everything went really well. The team and the hospital were amazing. Sunny is getting stronger by the day. The baby sleeps a lot. She’s happy and growing. The midwife is happy and everything seems to be going really good.

Did the C-section go smoothly?

Sunny: It was a lot smoother than my first birth, with Hari, which was very traumatic. We thought I was going to die.

I was induced and had many complications. I had complications this time around as well and the doctors advised me to have a C-section. I thought it through and spoke to Danny, and we decided that it was probably the best thing to do, looking at what happened last time.

You read about it but unless you’re going through it, you don’t really know what it’s going to be like. It was a completely different team, a completely different hospital and a completely different procedure in terms of delivering.

It did go smoothly but there were a few things that were uncomfortable for me. But she’s absolutely perfect. She’s healthy, which we’re so happy about. The team were really good. We delivered our baby girl and we’re delighted.

You must have been nervous given how traumatic it was last time?

Sunny: I was really nervous and scared. I think we all were. Danny was nervous, my mum and dad were. My main thought was, “Oh my God, am I going to survive?” We also all had Covid when I was pregnant.

Then I had long Covid symptoms and I’m asthmatic, too. I had a baby inside me pushing up, so I was struggling with breathing. I was struggling to get around and do really simple things. Then, I had to go through the process of, “How am I going to deliver my own baby? What’s it going to be like? We have a pandemic going on.”

I wanted to make sure the doctors we had this time were aware of what I went through last time because it was really, really bad. They were really great, though. They put everything in place and did all the right things.

And how are you feeling now?

Sunny: She’s five weeks now and I’m still healing. I’m on the painkillers. My wound is healing up nicely and I’m getting around a lot more. I’m probably 85% better now. Even in the first week and a half, I was out and about, trying to get out and walk.

Danny, how were you feeling when Sunny was in labour?

Danny: We didn’t even know if I could be in there with Sunny at one point. Hari wasn’t allowed in the hospital at all. We have no family up here, so the problem was if we couldn’t get anyone to look after Hari, Sunny would have been all on her own.

Luckily, Sunny’s parents drove up to look after little Hari. So, nobody saw the baby apart from me. Then, a couple of days later, Sunny came home from the hospital with her. It was exciting. I was emotional but it was all good.

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Do you think she’s brought you closer together?

Danny: No. We are close anyway. Whether she was here or not, we have a bond that can’t be broken. But you do feel a sense of accomplishment and feeling that life is complete.

As far as our relationship is concerned, it’s always been the same as to what it is now. We’re very close. We’ve always been very close and always will be – we have a special bond that can’t be broken.

Sunny: Danny is my best friend, my soulmate. Unless I’m upset with him, of course! [Laughs] We’ve always had that bond.

It’s definitely grown and grown over time. We’ve been together 11 years and married for seven this September. Having our firstborn was incredible, it completed us and we always said we were going to have another one.

Now, we’ve got a beautiful boy and a beautiful girl. I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more.

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How does Hari feel?

Sunny: He adores his sister and has been the perfect big brother – even when she was in my belly, with his daily and nightly kisses and talking to her. It’s been amazing so far and we have many more memories to create.

Danny: Hari is besotted. All day, he wants to feed her, burp her. We were careful about involving Hari from before the birth. A lot of kids can get jealous. To have an only child and then welcome a new one into the family, it can be difficult.

So we were very careful. I still have my cuddles with Hari and we still have our play fighting and tickles.

Sunny: It’s cute when you look at them together. Almost, in a weird way, I think Hari acts like a father figure with Krystalena. He is very protective.

I do the school run with him so she’s with us there and on the way back. The first thing he wants to do is go to see her and kiss her and hug her!

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