Paul Staehle to 90 Day Fiance Trolls: Karine Isn’t Trapped With Me! She Does Whatever She Wants!

On February 5, Paul Staehle and Karine Martins welcomed baby #2, a newborn boy named Ethan.

Despite the dangers of giving birth in COVID-ravaged Brazil, the family seems to be doing well.

Now, as a number of fans have seen their sex tapes, Paul has shared news of their latest bid to make money.

But when a fan accused Paul of “trapping” Karine in a miserable marriage, he clapped back.

Paul and Karine are aware that a lot of people have seen their more salacious content.

But they also know that not all of their fans want to see either of them naked, let alone both of them together.

With that in mind, Paul has announced that he and Karine will be dancing for fans on Cameo, a less raunchy made-to-order video app.

“Why do you force her to do stuff?” one fan demanded to know. 

“You are too controlling, Paup,” that comment accused.

Paul had a response, claiming that he has no hold over Karine.

“We live surrounded by her family,” Paul noted in response.

“They help us a lot with the kids,” he added, “and around the house.”

Paul wrote: “Karine does what she wants when she wants.”

Another fan was confused about the pivot from regular Cameos to dancing.

“So Cameo is for dancing now, not for fans?” an obvious fan asked.

Paul was more than happy to explain his very pragmatic reasoning for the announcement.

“Not dropping names,” Paul replied, “but one 90 Day Fiance cast has made 500k in a very short amount of time dancing on Cameo.”

We can only guess at who that might be, but Asuelu Pulaa and Biniyam Shibre both offer dances specifically on Cameo.

Our first thought, however, is of Corey Rathgeber, who was offering “strip teases” and similar dances on Cameo even before the cast began to flock to OnlyFans.

One commenter straight-up acknowledged that Paul and Karine’s sex tape(s) are all that some fans are discussing right now.

“Is the porn extra or can I get a package deal?” the fan joked.

Paul recognized the joke for what it was, of course.

“Not my department,” Paul said with a laughing emoji.

He has reiterated that Karine is in charge of making those decisions when it comes to their OnlyFans.

Paul’s ideas for OnlyFans content are, like, sightseeing in Brazil. Karine’s are more what certain fans are looking for.

“Is it just me, or does this poor [woman] seem absolutely trapped and miserable?” a commenter asked.

This is actually not an uncommon perception of Paul, Karine, and their marriage.

After fans have witnessed so much toxicity on TV, on Instagram, and in reports, well, a lot of people have concerns.

Paul first replied by noting that Karine is in Brazil surrounded by family, so “how is she trapped?”

He then wrote: “Yet she tells me daily she missed Kentucky.”

“She is stuck here,” Paul added, “because the embassy is closed and her green card was stolen.” Oh no!

Paul also clapped back when accused of being lazy and jobless.

“I have a home in two countries,” he noted. “I am doing just fine.”

“Unfortunately, my new SUV is in the USA,” Paul added, “but Uber is okay here.”

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