Oprah Winfrey Turns Off Instagram Comment After Harvey Weinstein’s Guilty Verdict

The former daytime talk show host has seemingly muted her Instagram comment after her former close friend Weinstein was convicted of rape and sexual assault.

AceShowbizOprah Winfrey‘s Instagram comment has been restricted. It’s unclear when exactly the former daytime talk show host turned off the comment section on her social media, but it seemed to be fairly recent since fans were still able to leave comments just a day ago.

Oprah Winfrey recently turned off her Instagram comment

The changes on her Instagram might have something to do with Harvey Weinstein‘s recent rape and sexual assault convictions since the OWN founder has been dragged on the internet due to her close relationship with the disgraced movie mogul in the past.

Oprah was accused of targeting black men only. She was criticized for sitting down with Michael Jackson‘s sexual assault accusers and announcing a documentary about Russell Simmons‘ sexual misconducts. She eventually pulled out of Simmons documentary amid the backlash.

“No Harvey Weinstein, No (Jeffrey) Epstein, just Michael Jackson and Russell Simmons this s**t is sad,” 50 Cent commented last year. “These documentary’s are publicly convicting their targets, it makes them guilty till proven innocent.”

In 2018, R&B singer Seal even insinuated Oprah knew about Harvey’s misdeeds. “When you have been part of the problem for decades, but suddenly they all think you are the solution,” he scoffed while sharing picture of Oprah and Harvey at an event.

When the Harvey scandal came to light in late 2017, Oprah said in a statement, “I’ve been processing the accounts of Harvey Weinstein’s hideous behavior and haven’t been able to find the words to articulate the magnitude of the situation.”

She has never made any other comments other that.

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