Olivia Rodrigo Reveals the Meaning of ‘Drivers License’ Follow-Up Song ‘Deja Vu’ – Listen & Read the Lyrics!

Olivia Rodrigo has a big new song out!

Following the record-breaking success of her hit song “Drivers License,” the 18-year-old singer-songwriter just premiered the follow up track, “Deja Vu,” on Thursday (April 1).

On the same day, she joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music to discuss her new single, as well as what she learned from the overwhelming success of “Drivers License.”

Here’s what she had to say…

On success after “Drivers License”: “The success of ‘Driver’s License’ has been a huge lesson in how you just need to, when you put a song out, you just need to let it go. And it’s everyone else’s song to interpret, it’s not your song anymore. So that was great. And I think I really had a lot of people around me that kind of were driving that message home. And I think I really did that with that one. But it is sort of difficult having that be my first song ever, because the success is so immense, it sort of feels like a little bit of pressure to follow it up and hopefully sustain that success. But I’ve had “Déjà Vu” picked out for months. I think we decided really last year, maybe like September or something. And so that was always nice to have that picked out.”

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