Ohio State Trooper Saves Driver Choking on Bag of Weed

A driver in Ohio got in serious trouble when he tried to avoid a weed bust by swallowing the green, and he’s damn lucky the state trooper who pulled him over knows the Heimlich.

Law enforcement tells TMZ … the crazy traffic stop went down in Portage County, when Trooper Charles Hoskin pulled over Stephan R. Elash for speeding. Police say he also wasn’t wearing a seat belt, but that was the least of his worries

As you can see in Hoskin’s dash cam footage of the July 3 stop … he realizes Elash is having trouble breathing, so he tells him to step out to try to dislodge what’s caught in his windpipe.

After a few Heimlich thrusts, the driver tries to throw up, but it’s still not working. That’s when Trooper Hoskin had to really apply some force … which saved Elash’s life.

You can see the driver admit he swallowed a gram of weed, and apologize to the officer. EMS checked him out and he was okay, medically. Legally? Well, he was cited for speeding, failure to wear a seat belt — and yes, hit with a misdemeanor for marijuana possession. It’s still illegal in Ohio.

After Elash’s stop, the Ohio State Highway Patrol issued an important, though pretty obvious, warning — “Don’t try to swallow a bag of drugs prior to getting pulled over in an attempt to keep a trooper from finding them.”

Tell that to the guys from “Super Troopers.”

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