Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Hoping for Baby Soon

The youngest member of the Jonas Brothers and his actress wife are keen to have their first child, more than two years after the couple exchanged wedding vows.

AceShowbizNick Jonas is hoping he and Priyanka Chopra will be “blessed with a child” soon.

The Jonas Brothers star and his 38-year-old wife are currently thinking about starting a family together, and Nick has revealed they have their fingers crossed that Priyanka will get pregnant soon.

He told Extra, “We’d be blessed with any child, son or daughter or anything. Just knocking wood that it happens.”

And when it comes to picking names for their future brood, Nick added, “I’m sure her mother will want to weigh in, and my family would want to weigh in too.”

Meanwhile, Nick recently said he wants to have “many” children with the “Quantico” actress, and thinks parenthood will be a “beautiful journey” for them both.

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He said, “She is the most important piece of the puzzle, and it’s obviously something we hope happens, and god willing, it comes together.”

“You know, whatever is right. We’re blessed to have each other and have a full heart for the future, I say, and things are out of your control. And the foundation of a couple is strong, and you’re excited about the possibility of that.”

“It’s going to be a beautiful journey, and I hope for many, or whatever that is. We’ll go figure that out when they get there, but for now it’s just about making sure we’re good.”

Priyanka has also recently expressed her wishes for a large family, saying she would love to have “as many” children as possible.

She said, “A cricket team! I do want children, as many as I can have. A cricket team? I’m not so sure.”

In a later interview, she added, “A family is a big part of my life, it’s always been part of my dreams. I’ll take what I get. Leave it up to the God almighty.”

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