NFL Super-Agent Leigh Steinberg, Inspiration For 'Jerry Maguire,' Says There Won't Be A Sequel

Leigh Steinberg — the inspiration behind “Jerry Maguire” — says there won’t be a sequel to the classic film, but a movie about his life is very likely … and the NFL super-agent knows which actor he wants to portray him.

It’s not Tom Cruise (been there, done that) … Leigh tells TMZ Sports he has his sights set on Zac Efron or Jake Gyllenhaal.

FYI, Steinberg currently reps Patrick Mahomes … and is probably the most decorated football agent of all time. He’s repped 12 Hall of Famers … including Troy Aikman, Warren Moon, Bruce Smith, Howie Long and Steve Young.

“Jerry Maguire” hit theaters 24 1/2 years ago … and Steinberg had a cameo in the film. But, his role was a lot bigger than just a few lines.

Director Cameron Crow shadowed Steinberg for about 18 months — attending everything from Pro Days to the Draft — to see how an NFL agent operated.

“[Cameron] went to Pro Scouting Day, USC, he came to some games with me, he came to the Super Bowl, he came to the Super Bowl Party. He spent time in my office and I told him a lot of stories.”

As for a “Jerry Maguire” 2 … Leigh says CC “doesn’t make sequels,” but adds he’s “been approached about my own life story a number of times.”

So, would Leigh be down??

“Yes, and I think eventually that will happen. We’ve talked to people about documentaries.”

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