Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson’s Matching Tattoos Have A Secret Meaning

After five months of dating, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson have gotten matching tattoos. Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Nico Bassill took to Instagram on March 3 to post an artsy picture of Cyrus placing her forearm over Simpson’s arm. In the picture in question, you can see that the two are both sporting matching trident tattoos. Simpson’s is a small all-black trident on the inner part of his bicep, while Cyrus’ is the outline of a trident of the same size and shape on her wrist.

While neither Cyrus nor Simpson have publicly commented on the meaning of the tattoos, they’re likely tributes to Simpson’s budding career as a poet. Simpson’s pen name as a poet is Prince Neptune and he has a book coming out in April, entitled Prince Neptune: Poetry and Prose. The logo for Prince Neptune is… drum roll please… a trident that looks very much like the one now inked on both Simpson and Cyrus’ arms. Don’t believe me? Check out Simpson’s Instagram profile and see what his icon photo is.

Bassill even captioned the picture with a shoutout to Prince Neptune and his beautiful writing that’s probs inspired by none other than Cyrus:

The day before posting the couple shots, Bassill posted a couple images of a tattoo he penned on Cyrus’ bicep.

This time, the tattoo seemed to have been inspired by artist Henri Matisse.

The tattoo in question is the outline of a naked woman’s body with the caption being an ode to Matisse:

Cyrus also posted a video of herself showing off the Matisse-inspired tat the same day.

She captioned the video with this poetic ballad:

Here’s to a lifetime of many more tattoos with sweet meanings.

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