Meghan Markle Wore a Necklace with a Sweet, Loving Message

Meghan Markle added a sentimental touch to her outfit today in London.

The Duchess of Sussex made an appearance at the National Theatre where she was viewing their latest exhibition, the new Immersive Storytelling Studio. For the occasion, Meghan wore a white, quilted pencil skirt by Roland Mouret and a puff sleeve blouse by Topshop, but she also accessorized her look with a dainty gold necklace that held a hidden, heartfelt message.

The necklace, aptly titled the Love Pendant, is by jeweler designer Sophie Lis. On Instagram, Lis shared a photo of Meghan wearing the piece and revealed the secret meaning engraved on the necklace’s dangling charm. The text engraved on the necklace is written in French and reads, “Qu’hier” after a diamond plus sign, and “Que Demain” followed by a ruby minus sign,

According to Lis, the phrase loosely translates to “Every day I love you more, more than yesterday, less than tomorrow,” an extracted line from “The Eternal Song” by 19th century French poet, Rosemonde Gérard.

It’s unclear whether the jewelry was a gift from Prince Harry or not—or maybe an ode to Meghan’s new life as a mom to her son, Archie—but either way, the piece shows off the duchess’ sweet side.

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