Marlon Wayans Strips Down While Watching Jennifer Hudson Sing

Calling the ‘American Idol’ alum the ‘Best karaoke singer ever,’ the ‘A Haunted House’ star can’t help dropping his pants while listening to his ‘Respect’ co-star’s rendition of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Ain’t No Way’.

AceShowbiz -There’s something in Jennifer Hudson‘s voice that makes Marlon Wayans want to strip down. The actor/comedian has shared on his Instagram page a hilarious video showing him dropping his pants while watching his “Respect” co-star sing.

In the video posted on Thursday, March 12, J-Hud was seen belting out Aretha Franklin‘s 1968’s track “Ain’t No Way” while at what looked like a gathering with the movie’s crew. Accompanied by piano, the third season’s finalist of “American Idol” showed off her strong pipes.

Marlon, who was standing nearby, couldn’t hide his amazement as he made some small gestures and held J-Hud’s hand. He also gave a thumbs up to a woman who was harmonizing with the Academy Award-winning actress.

Later when the song reached its climax, Marlon apparently pulled down his pants to show his appreciation to J-Hud’s vocals. The camera then panned to him with his pants hanging around his ankles on the floor while his sweatshirt covered up to below his hips.

Upon noticing, a surprised J-Hud walked away. She couldn’t hold her laughter to the point that she almost couldn’t finish the song. A woman in the background jokingly told Marlon, “I hate you,” while someone else was heard saying, “Gotta put Marlon in a home ASAP, y’all.” As the “Dreamgirls” star struggled to finish the song between the chuckles, Marlon almost pulled down his pants again before someone stopped him.

Marlon captioned the video, “@iamjhud is Best karaoke singer ever.” He went on singing praise on his co-star, “This woman sang my drawers off.”

J-Hud stars as the late Aretha Franklin in “Respect”, while Marlon plays the jazz legend’s first husband Ted White. The upcoming biopic is slated to be released on October 9 in the United States.

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