Mariah Carey Shares Cute Video Of Daughter Attempting The ‘High Note Challenge’

Maria Carey has shared a link for a TikTok video that shows her daughter Monroe attempting the High Note Challenge.

“When your daughter wants to do a #highnotechallenge,” she captioned the Twitter post.

The video shows the star’s 8-1/2-year old daughter attempting a high note in all earnestness. However, the latter part of the clip reveals it was Carey’s effort and the daughter was only lip-syncing.

“Mommy!” Monroe chides the singer, who shrugs and replies, “What? You said do the high notes!”

Carey posted the video in response to a tweet that read, “Critics began accusing Carey of being a studio artist, not capable of delivering the same quality vocals live, especially her whistle register.”

“Mariah decided to book an appearance on MTV Unplugged, a television program aired by MTV. her performance in 1992 shut them all down.”

The tweet was presented alongside a video of Carey’s said performance, showing her hitting her famous whistle register while singing “Emotions” live.

Monroe and her twin Moroccan had previously sung the background vocals for Carey’s hit, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on social media in 2018.

The siblings were also featured in Carey’s music video for her 2017 hit, “The Star” for the animated film of the same name.

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