Makes me grimace Gary Lineker vows to never join celeb dating app in single life insight

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Football fanatic and Match Of The Day host Gary Lineker has confessed that the idea of joining a celebrity dating app, such as Raya, leaves him totally cold. In fact, the 61-year-old even suggested that the idea makes him “grimace”.

I might need someone to change my nappies. Who knows?

Gary Lineker

After two marriages and years of being answerable to a woman in his life, Gary says he is now ready to go solo for an indefinite period of time. 

I’m happy being single now,” he admitted. 

“It’s nice to be unanswerable in a slightly selfish way and I’m not actively seeking a partner right now.

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“I had two wonderful marriages and now I’m single and I’m in a good place, but that might change.”

He added jokingly of what the future could hold: “I might need someone to change my nappies. Who knows?”

“The thought of going on a dating app makes me grimace,” he revealed candidly in quotes published in the Daily Star.

“I know there’s a celebrity one called Raya, but I’ve never been on it and I never would.

“Dating is hard enough work anyway. I just can’t imagine doing it.

“I don’t know how people manage it. It’s definitely not for me.”

Suggesting that his days of enjoying his heart-throb status might be a thing of the past, he admitted: “The only time women come up to me these days is to say, ‘Ooooh, my granny loves you.’ That’s about as good as it gets.”

While Gary’s ex-wife Danielle Bux certainly didn’t change his nappies, she did give him an invaluable dose of style advice – a pattern that still continues to this day.

“I still get fashion advice from my ex-wife. I’ve never been particularly flamboyant or edgy,” he explained.

Adding that he has “always been safe” without the guidance of a female he trusts, he revealed that, fortunately, he has remained friends with his ex since their split seven years ago.

It comes after the footballer revealed that he had a “tiny” body as a teenager.

His body confidence was so low at the time that he hated exposing himself in the showers of the boys’ changing rooms and wished he could avoid it.

However, following a “growth spurt”, he transformed into one of Britain’s biggest football stars.

Mass popularity ensued, but Gary isn’t keen on rushing back into a relationship.

The star explained he is currently intending on staying single.

He even has plans for his obituary, joking that it would read: “‘He was good in the box, then he was good on the box and now he’s in a box.’”

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