Lucy Lawless Smacks Down Kevin Sorbo for Promoting Antifa Conspiracy Theory

The ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ alum is blasting her former ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’ co-star for supporting baseless claim that it was ‘leftist agitators’ who broke in the Capitol Hill.

AceShowbizLucy Lawless clashes with Kevin Sorbo on social media. Despite portraying fictional warriors who team up onscreen, the actress and her former co-star on TV series “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” are on opposite sides when it comes to politics and she isn’t reluctant to confront him.

On Thursday, January 7, the former Xena depicter took a jab at the former Hercules depicter for promoting Antifa conspiracy theory. Kevin supported the baseless claim that it was “leftist agitators” who broke in the Capitol Hill on Wednesday as he weighed in on a user’s tweet which asked, “Do these look like Trump supporters? Or Leftist agitators disguised as Trump supporters…,” along with a picture of the Donald Trump supporters marching in the Capitol Hill.

“They don’t look like patriots to me…,” the actor replied, implying that he believes it’s “leftist agitators” who instigated the violent protest in Washington D.C. Kevin’s tweet has been flagged as manipulated media by Twitter, but that didn’t stop Lucy from giving her two cents on her former co-star’s controversial opinion.

Kevin Sorbo commented on Antifa conspiracy theory.

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“No, Peanut. They are not Patriots,” the “Xena: Warrior Princess” star sarcastically responded to Kevin’s tweet. She added, “They are your flying monkeys,homegrown terrorists, QAnon actors. They are the douchebags that go out and do the evil bidding of people like you who like to wind them up like toys and let them do their worst,” before accusing Kevin with the hashtags “#keepingYourFilthyHandsclean #enabler.”

Lucy Lawless blasted Kevin for supporting Antifa conspiracy theory.

Fans found the actress’ jab at her former co-star amusing. “Xena, on the other hand, is as awesome as ever,” one person commented. Another praised Lucy, “Lucy, you’re the best. Sorry you have to be associated with wash-outs like Kevin whose only career left is direct-to-video Christian schlock and he has to toe a fascist line to even get that work. You were awesome in SHIELD, by the by!”

Lucy responded to a user’s claim that Kevin badmouthed her in the past.

Kevin has not responded to Lucy’s jab at him.

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