'Love & Hip Hop': Fans Drag Shooter Gates For Not Wanting To Defend Sierra In Court

Sierra Gates has gone from a supporting cast member of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta to a main cast member in its new ninth season. She has a front-burner storyline in which she is looking to avoid jail time in a legal case and is looking for her husband, Shooter Gates, to vouch for her. He doesn’t seem like he wants to do that and fans are none too pleased.

Sierra Gates is in legal trouble

As we learned before the series premiere, Sierra is in a lot of legal trouble due to an issue that she had with another woman who has a child by Shooter. The woman alleges that Sierra got into a fight with her when she was pregnant.

As reported by Bossip, the assault allegedly happened in 2017 but Sierra was not charged until 2019. The publication also reported that according to court documents, Sierra is charged with “two counts of battery and one count of battery against a female who is pregnant” There was a final plea hearing set for last December, but Sierra’s attorney said that “the state had not yet turned over the evidence so that she could mount a defense.”

In a scene during the season premiere, she asks Shooter to come to court and testify to help clear her name. However, Shooter declines to do so, saying that he doesn’t want to be in a courtroom again. He also states that Sierra was not in court when he had to go through his son’s trial.

Some fans agree with Sierra but some are in Shooter’s court

Most of the show’s viewers took to social media and called Shooter out for his hypocritical behavior.

Many said that he should be there for the mother of his child and that he would be able to make it so she would not have any time to spend in prison.

“Shooter to me is bold af. He been really dirty to Sierra in & out of their relationship. Ain’t nothin cool about Sierra catching a charge for shit she ain’t do. Not seeing the severity of that and her potentially being out of her & Y’ALL kids life for a year AIN’T COOL,” said one fan.

Another person said, “D**n shooter you did Sierra dirty and was the reason for y’all divorce. The least you could do is support the mother of your kids in court.”

“D**n Shooter won’t even testify for Sierra in court? That’s f***ed up. Ain’t that the mother of his kids? But I guess so is the other one and he just trying to stay outta it.,” added someone else.

This viewer said, “Shooter would rather Sierra go to jail and leave her kids (one of them is his son that lives with her) than testify about what happened at the funeral. Some father.”

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs weekly on VH1.

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