Love going fast! A Place In The Sun star Danni Menzies admits learning to drive at ten

Danni Menzies works out with kettle bells

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TV presenter Danni Menzies admits she’s always been “passionate” about high-speed cars, but few fans knew just how far back her interests began. The A Place In The Sun star explained that her father had taught her as a child, in preparation for the future rally drives together that lay ahead.

My dad taught me to drive when I was about ten years old

Danni Menzies

“My dad taught me to drive when I was about ten years old,” the 33-year-old tomboy confessed.

“I’ve always been quite passionate about going fast and driving cars.”

It was humble beginnings for Lamborghini lover Danni, however, as she reluctantly admitted with a laugh: “My first car was a Fiat Panda!”

The car had been a hand-me-down from her grandfather, although that mattered little to Danni as she raced around the golf course of her family farm.

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There was no chance of a collision, as the former Formula Woman Racing presenter was practising her newfound skills on private property.

She grew up on her family’s Mains of Taymouth Country Estate, located in Kenmore, Perthshire.

Two years after trying her hand at driving, she was then gifted a pony, which gave her a new focus.

However, without “horsey” parents, she was forced to get to grips with riding without her family on hand to help.

Later in life, when she’d grown up further, she kept up with her passion for driving by doing “a rally across Europe [with my dad].”

Meanwhile, her first ever job in TV involved driving supercars.

Danni seems to have come full circle after announcing her departure from A Place In The Sun earlier this year, explaining that she is yet again taking on the racing circuit on-screen.

“I’ve just been to Sweden for filming for a new project – it’s like the X-Factor for female racing drivers,” she disclosed at the time of our chat.

She voiced a desire to work with animals for a TV show in the future too.

She certainly has plenty of experience, after running her own business rescuing sickly horses.

Animals that would have been destined for the slaughterhouse due to previous neglect transformed under her watchful eye and even became show-jumpers.

The project was therapeutic for Danni and her animals alike as she used it as a focus to help her recover from a bout of agoraphobia.

Meanwhile, the feisty presenter wants to make it clear that driving and other traditionally male pursuits aren’t just for men.

Enthusing that it’s an adrenalin sport everybody should try their hand at, she urged readers to consider trying out for Formula 1.

“I think obviously a lot of girls have been told that they can’t do that [because] it’s a boy’s thing,” she sympathised.

“[However] I think now with opportunities like that, if they’ve ever thought about doing it, they should absolutely go for it.”

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