Loren Gray Says Her Young Cousin Has Cononavirus & Urges Fans to Stay at Home

Loren Gray is urging fans to stay home amid the coronavirus crisis.

The 17-year-old singer and social media star explained that her cousin is currently suffering from the disease despite being young and healthy.

“just a reminder that this is not a joke. think about your loved ones. remember that even if you are young, you are at huge risk not just of contracting the virus but spreading it to those you care about,” Loren wrote.

She continued to give insight to her cousin’s condition, saying, “my family said it’s the worst thing they’ve ever seen, and they’re surprised she’s even recovering. they couldn’t go into the room to help her. only leave food outside the door and pray.”

“this can happen to ANYONE. be safe. please. STAY AT HOME,” Loren concluded.

Loren‘s message comes just after Surgeon General Jerome Adams made a plea to Loren and other influencers to spread the message to stay home.

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