Lily James and Sebastian Stan recreate Pam & Tommy wedding

Wet and wild Lily James puts prosthetic boobs to the test as she splashes around in tiny bikini with Sebastian Stan to recreate Pam and Tommy’s shock beach wedding

  • Lily James and Sebastian Stan have been pictured re-enacting the infamous nuptials of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
  • The actors were seen frolicking and passionately kissing in the ocean, filming at Oxnard State Beach Park in Ventura County, California over the weekend
  • The real wedding took place in Cancun, Mexico in 1995, in front of just eight guests after Pamela and Tommy had only known each other for 96 hours 
  • Lily, 32, was seen wearing fake 34DD breasts to recreate Pamela’s famously busty look, as she continues to film scenes from the Hulu drama Pammy & Tommy
  • The show tells the story of Pamela and Tommy’s whirlwind relationship, that resulted in three years of marriage, producing two sons together Brandon, 25, and Dylan, 23

Lily James and Sebastian Stan have been pictured re-enacting the infamous nuptials of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee – who tied the knot after a four-day courtship on a beach in Cancun, Mexico in 1995. 

British star Lily, 32, put on a busty display during filming, as she put her fake 34DD breasts to the test, which were held in place by a very tiny white string bikini top, matching what Pamela, 53, wore for her big day.

The scenes were shot for the upcoming Hulu drama Pam & Tommy, which tells the story of Pamela and Tommy’s whirlwind relationship, that resulted in three years of marriage, producing two sons together Brandon, 25, and Dylan, 23. 

Lily and Sebastian, 38, were seen over the weekend recreating the shock wedding, filming at Oxnard State Beach Park in Ventura County, California, which locations scouts were hoping would double as Cancun. 

Pam and Tommy’s wet and wild wedding! Busty Lily James is seen filming scenes with Sebastian Stan for Hulu’s upcoming drama Pam & Tommy as they recreate Baywatch star’s shock Mexico nuptials with Motley Crue rocker after 96-hour courtship

Uncanny: Lily, 32, and Sebastian, 38, were the spitting image of Pamela and Tommy, who were 27 and 32 at the time respectively, as they reenacted their 1995 beach wedding  

Much like the real event, the actors kissed passionately and frolicked in the sea after saying their ‘I do’s’ in front of a small group of guests, and were not shy on the PDAs either.   

In real life, the Baywatch icon and the drummer famously tied the knot on Feb. 19, 1995, in front of just eight guests, having known each other for only 96 hours. 

The union not only shocked the world, but also friends and family, including Pamela’s own mother Carol who told People Magazine at the time that it was ‘heartbreaking and shocking’ for her. 

And the bride wore a bikini! Lily and Sebastian were seen putting on a very amorous display as they passionately kissed one another while filming their new Hulu drama Pam & Tommy over the weekend 

Oh buoy! Impressively, Lily’s fake 34DD breasts that she has been seen wearing to resemble Pamela managed to stay in place in the water 

Whirlwind romance! At one point, Sebastian spun Lily around as she straddled him in the ocean 

Pamela’s mother apparently didn’t know Tommy and had never met the rocker. Still, their publicist at the time, Michelle Bega, said the couple were ‘thrilled and very happy.’

‘The bride wore a very tiny – an extremely tiny – white bikini,’ Judge Pedro Solis told reporters at the time in 1995. 

According to reports at the time, the newlyweds are said to have walked to the end of a pier where Tommy pushed Pamela in the water. He was 32 years old at the time, while she was 27.

Taking the plunge: The young actors were filmed charging into the sea after saying their ‘I do’s’

Balancing act: Lily carefully kept her faux chest in place as she balanced between takes in the ocean 

Splashy performances: Both Lily and Sebastian appear to be going all-out for their roles in the hotly-anticipated drama 

Tatt’s impressive: Both stars have had fake body art painted on the match the stars they are playing, and the inking appeared to stay in place in the water 

Iconic: The duo have absolutely nailed their looks as the hellraising ’90s celeb couple 

Surf’s up: The actors gave a spirited performance while being surrounded by crashing waves 

Ready for their close up: Lily and Sebastian passionately kiss while being filmed for the Hulu drama 

After the wedding, Pammy and Tommy are said to have visited a tattoo parlor where they got matching wedding band inkings on their ring fingers.

While many predicted that the whirlwind romance wouldn’t last longer than a few days, Anderson and Lee went on to have a three-year marriage, having two children together, and controversially, a leaked sex tape that was filmed during their honeymoon. 

During the latest scenes from the upcoming show, Downton Abbey star Lily once again wowed with her dramatic transformation for playing the star, wowing in a tiny white bikini and sarong. 

Quite the transformation! Lily has shocked fans with her fake bust for the role

As well as her fake 34DD breasts staying in place in the water, Lily’s fake tattoos were also still visible, matching those of Pamela’s famous body ink. 

Sebastian also nailed the look of Tommy, who went extremely casual in a pair of khaki shorts and not much else. 

While there has been notable excitement surrounding the project, Pamela herself is said to be unhappy about the unauthorized re-telling of her romance. 

Last month, insiders claimed to The Sun that the star has branded the series as ‘a joke and cheap knock-off’. 

An insider said Pamela deems the ‘God awful’ show as ‘a joke’ and has never heard of Lily or Sebastian, who have already been praised for their transformation – although seemingly without Pamela’s seal of approval. 

In real life: The Baywatch icon and the Mötley Crüe drummer famously tied the knot on Feb. 19, 1995, on a beach in Cancun, Mexico, in front of just eight guests after a four-day courtship period

Matching up: The impressive attention to detail for the new drama series was evident in the latest wedding scene 

The look of love! The actors are seen kissing after filming their ‘I do’s’ for the shock moment in celeb history 

Party time! British star Lily appeared to be in a celebratory mood as she filmed the wedding scene 

Bronzed beauty: The former Downtown Abbey star has completely transformed her appearance for the drama 

Bikini bride: Lily wowed with her eerily accurate appearance as Pamela Anderson 

The source claimed: ‘One of the iconic star’s friends told The Sun: ‘Pamela has no intention of watching this God awful show, absolutely not. Never…’ 

‘She’s never heard of the actors playing her or Tommy, and doesn’t care to know them. She and her family think the show is a cheap knock-off.’ The insider then added: ‘The whole thing is a joke to them.’ 

Also trashing show recently, was Pamela’s friend Courtney Love who issued a fiery takedown of the show last year.

The Hole singer stood up for her friend in a lengthy post shared to her Facebook account last month, where she recounted the aftermath of the tape’s release and slammed actress Lily James, who is playing Pamela, as ‘whoever the f**k she is.’

In her impassioned message, Love, 56, wrote: ‘I find this so f**king outrageous . When Pam / tommy sex tape was out / myself @pattyschemel @xmadmx were making a record. And the lone women in many recording studios in la….’

The happy couple: According to reports at the time, the newlyweds are said to have walked to the end of a pier where Tommy pushed Pamela in the water

Just married! The pair were joined by actors playing wedding guests as they celebrated in the ocean following the big event 

‘Where all / ALL! The staff engineers / producers / owners / were watching the sex tape with huge schadenfraude . . Guffaws , It was disgusting . I banned anyone discussing it. It destroyed my friend Pamelas life . Utterly.’

Courtney even shot down a request made by the mini-series, which is currently filming, over usage of a Rolling Stone cover she once appeared on.

‘Last week I was asked to approve using a rolling stone cover of mine / shot by mark seliger in this piece of s**t . That they had approved . I said “f**k no .” shocked . Gentleman don’t approve this sort of thing . My heart goes out to Pammy…’

‘(heart emojis). further causing her complex trauma . And shame on lily James whoever the f**k she is . #vile.’

The film also stars Seth Rogen as the man who steals their sex tape and sells it to a porn company. 

Transformation: James bites Stan’s nipple ring in a promotional picture from the upcoming Hulu show 

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