Liam Payne Hints at Possible One Direction Reunion While Detailing Recent Phone Call With Harry Styles

Is there a One Direction reunion in our future? Well, Liam Payne’s recent Instagram Live proves that the idea of the band getting back together isn’t too far out of reach.

While detailing a recent phone call he had with Harry Styles, the “Naughty List” crooner hinted at a potential 1D reunion, which now has us wondering if another “Best Song Ever!” could be dropping sometime soon.

Liam Payne opened up about his ‘lovely’ phone call with Harry Styles

Ever since One Direction broke up in 2016, some have been curious to know whether the five group members have remained friends.

Though the group’s relationship with Zayn Malik has been a bit rocky, the other four singers have maintained a relatively close friendship over the years.

Take Payne and Styles’ relationship, for instance.

Though both are pretty private when it comes to their personal lives, Payne recently revealed on Instagram Live that he and the “Watermelon Sugar” hitmaker have remained in touch, sharing that they had a “lovely” conversation over the phone not too long ago.

“Yeah, I did speak to Harry, and it was really lovely,” the singer shared after a fan asked if he’s talked to Styles lately. “He called me because he has a sixth sense for if I’m struggling or if one of us is in trouble I feel like.”

The “Live Forever” singer explained that his friendship with Styles hasn’t faltered since going their separate ways professionally.

“I spoke to him and it was a really lovely catch-up actually,” Payne continued. “And I’ve got a lot of love for the man. He’s great, he’s really, really great.”

Liam Payne admits to ‘missing’ One Direction

As fans will recall, Payne and Styles, along with Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson, formed One Direction in 2010 after auditioning separately for The X Factor UK. The five of them competed together as a group on the hit singing competition series and went on to place third in the finals.

Though they didn’t win their season, the band soon found success on their own, releasing countless hit songs that topped the music charts and taking home a myriad of awards, all while gaining adoring fans in the process.

For six years, One Direction remained one of the most popular singing groups in recent history. Unfortunately, their time as a band came to an end in 2016 (with Malik departing in 2015) after they decided to focus on solo projects.

Though the singers have found success on their own since then, Payne admits that he “misses” his fellow 1D boys, especially now that he’s had a chat with Styles.

“It’s hard in this position sometimes, you’re watching people’s stories from afar that you used to know so well,” Payne said. “That can be difficult when you feel like a piece of you is missing with them at that point I guess. And I think we’ve all felt this at different times, me and the boys.”

The “Strip That Down” crooner confessed that’s “it’s almost like missing a very dear friend a lot of the time, but everyone’s so busy and you’ve got to be understanding of all that.”

Liam Payne wouldn’t be opposed to a One Direction reunion

After reflected on his former bandmates’ successes, Payne addressed the one question on all Directioners’ minds: Will the band ever get back together?

Though the idea has been floating around for years, Payne seemingly hinted at the possibility of a One Direction reunion, saying, “I’d love for us to get in a room at some point. I think it would be the best thing.”

He added, “We’ve all said it outside, but we’ve just not said it to each other. There’s a song in there somewhere.”

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