Lady GaGa’s Dog Walker Tailed By Suspects – New Details On Infamous Dognapping

What really went down when Lady GaGa’s famous pups were abducted?

As we previously reported, five suspects have been charged in the dognapping case and the shooting of the popstar’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer. Three young men, James Jackson, Jaylin White, and Lafayette Whaley, are allegedly responsible for the abduction (and Jackson is additionally accused of the shooting). Meanwhile, White’s father Harold White and his girlfriend Jennifer McBride later became accomplices as they attempted to help Jaylin avoid arrest. Jennifer was even the one to return the dogs, trying to claim the reward.

On Monday, the Associated Press obtained court documents revealing further details about the crime. Jackson, Whaley, White and his father are all alleged gang members, going by the nicknames “Infant Dice,” “LFace,” “Lil Gudda,” and “Lil Porky” respectively, according to the filing. All five who were charged in the case have pleaded not guilty.

According to the AP, the three men were driving around West Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley on February 24 “looking for French bulldogs,” as the breed can be resold for thousands of dollars. Out of pure coincidence, they spotted Fischer walking Gaga’s dogs Asia, Koji and Gustav along Sunset Boulevard.

The felony complaint stated that the men “turned off the white sedan’s lights and followed him down a secluded side street,” per the AP, where Jackson and White jumped out and attacked the dog walker and grabbed Koji and Gustav. The attack was captured by a nearby doorbell camera, which showed the men hitting and choking Fischer before Jackson pulled out a semiautomatic gun and shot him once before fleeing.

In the recording, Fischer can be heard screaming:

“Oh, my God! I’ve been shot! … Help me! … I’m bleeding out from my chest!”

The elder White and McBride helped Jaylin avoid arrest over the next two days, culminating in McBride returning the dogs to police. She claimed she found them tied to a pole and asked about the “no questions asked” $500k reward. Though police initially believed she was “uninvolved and unassociated” with the crime, they advised the Born This Way singer to wait to pay the reward until further details emerged.

Now, the Associated Press reported that McBride was charged with receiving stolen property valued above $950, in addition to a count of being an accessory after the fact. She was freed on Monday, while Harold White was freed on Saturday pending their next court appearance. Jaylin White is currently being held on more than $1 million bond, Whaley on $1.1 million bond, and Jackson on just over $3 million bond, per jail records.

This is certainly a tangled web! We’re glad the whole thing is in the past, and if anything, it’s shining a light on an unexpected danger for the owners of French bulldogs. We hope everyone and their pups stay safe out there!

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