Lady Gaga's Alleged Dognappers Arrested for Attempted Murder, Robbery

Multiple people who allegedly dognapped Lady Gaga‘s 2 French Bulldogs and shot her dog walker have been arrested … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Multiple law enforcement sources tell us the alleged culprits were arrested on a variety of charges, including attempted murder and robbery. They were arrested Thursday.

We’re told cops got video of where the dogs were dropped off in an alley days after the February 24 dognapping … and it became key evidence in hunting down the alleged criminals.

The woman who “found” the dogs was also arrested, according to law enforcement sources. As we reported, cops were suspicious of her from the jump and that’s why Gaga was advised by cops not to pay the $500,000 reward.

We’re told cops initially thought this was some sort of gang initiation, but later changed the theory to a dog-stealing ring. French Bulldogs are a hot commodity and can be resold for lots of money.

We’re told police believe the dognappers got nervous with all the publicity surrounding the incident and decided to bail on the dogs and, while they were at it, cash in on the reward.

As we reported, Gaga got her dogs back unharmed … they were tied up in an alley when the woman called the number Gaga had posted.

The dogwalker, Ryan Fischer, was in the hospital for several weeks but we’re told he’s OK.

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