Kim Kardashian: SLAMMED For Comments About Kris Jenner’s Weight!

It was Mother’s Day on Sunday (yes, if you forgot, it’s officially too late to try and make up for it with a belated edible arrangement), and like quarantined moms all over the world, Kim Kardashian celebrated as best she could while in isolation.

And naturally, Kim couldn’t let the day go by without paying tribute to her iconic momager, Kris Jenner.

But some fans took issue with the nature of Kim’s shout-out.

Kim tweeted out a throwback photo of Kris that was taken shortly after she gave birth to Rob Kardashian.

“Early Mother’s Day appreciation post for my mom!” she captioned the photo.

“I found this pic and this is not long after having her 4th child!!!! MAJOR GOALS always in everything you do mom! I love you.”

Many commenters thought it was insulting to focus on something as superficial and inconsequential as Kris’ weight.

“Why do we base GOALS on how skinny a woman can get after birthing a human?” wrote one follower.

“Tell what you love about your mom. Is it her caring? Her understanding? Her boundless love for you? Nope, she got skinny and tan after four babies!! GOALS,” another added.

“What a deep and meaningful message she sent to you. Stay thin. That’s all,” a third chimed in.

“Why is it always about being thin? People: Size of your body does NOT equal your worth,” tweeted a fourth fan.

We understand why some folks may have found Kim’s comment upsetting.

Just last week, singer Adele’s weight loss sparked a conversation about the appropriateness of heaping praise on those who have slimmed down.

Many feel that doing so suggests that they were somehow lesser when they weighed more, or that such comments might prove psychologically harmful to overweight individuals.

As someone whose physique has been a matter of endless public commentary for over a decade now, we’re sure Kim is well-acquainted with body-shaming and its damaging effects.

And we’re quite certain she didn’t intend to cause harm or trigger anyone with her remarks about Kris’ weight.

It’s important in this case to consider the context of Kim’s remarks.

Yes, she cited her mother’s weight loss as a major achievement, but she also said that Kris is inspiration in all that she does.

It seems that Kim found a photo of her mom, and upon learning when it was taken, she was impressed that Kris was sporting such a svelte physique just a few months after giving birth.

Probably without giving it much thought, she posted the pic with the intention of sharing her mother’s achievement with the world.

Yes, it’s important for each of us to be mindful of the ways in which our comments and social media posts might affect others.

But it’s equally important for us to be compassionate toward those who may have caused harm unintentionally and without malice.

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