Kendall Jenner Wore Four Outfits in 24 Hours — and They All Have One Thing in Common

Yesterday, Kendall Jenner eschewed her usual sexy looks for Annie Hall cosplay, but nobody was prepared for the one-woman fashion show she was about to bring to the streets of New York City. In less than 24 hours, Jenner got photographed wearing four outfits in total — and all of them featured wide-leg pants. 

The Annie Hall look, which got topped off with a fuzzy bucket hat that Diane Keaton would approve of, featured long, flowy black pants, though they were pretty much covered up by her long coat. 

Kendall Jenner Diane Keaton Look

After that statement-making swerve, Jenner wore an all-black ensemble (complete with mask) that included a simple, straightforward button-up top that had surprise sheer sleeves and velvety pleated black pants. They verged on carrot-shaped and got cinched by a skinny belt.

Kendall Jenner Black Outfit

This morning, Jenner seemed to toss out the fashion "rule" book and wore an all-white outfit, even though it's been a few months since Labor Day Weekend. Her all-white look had flowing, wide pants atop a pair of dark-brown menswear-inspired lace-ups, a textured white knit, and an open button-up.

Kendall Jenner White Outfit

After the all-white ensemble, Jenner wore the Isa Boulder Exception Sweater in mustard (over another turtleneck) that featured an intricate cable-knit pattern, along with straight-leg, khaki-colored pants and another micro '90s shoulder bag, very similar to the one she wore yesterday.

Kendall Jenner Yellow Vest

She repeated her chunky shoes and nude-colored mask, proving that even though packing for a trip is never easy, packing as a Jenner is on a whole other level, even if this specific Jenner is cycling through a very cool, very unexpected rotation.

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