Kay, Here's Why A-Rod Is Chilling with Ben Affleck's Ex Lindsay Shookus

The internet had a momentary meltdown yesterday due to news that Alex Rodriguez was seen chilling with Ben Affleck’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus. Which is obviously wild considering Jennifer Lopez is currently dating Ben Affleck.

A-Rod was seen sitting next to Lindsay at her Hamptons birthday party in a video posted by Page Six, but calm down: they’re just friends. At least according to A-Rod’s rep who told the outlet “There is absolutely zero there. They’ve been friends for 15 years.”

As a reminder, lol, Ben and Lindsay dated from 2017 to 2019 (on and off!), while J.Lo and A-Rod recently ended their engagement. THEN Ben and J.Lo got back together, and now…here we are! Oh, and on top of all this, Page Six reports that A-Rod rented a new mansion in the Hamptons super close to J.Lo’s place, and he was just seen dining in the area with a “attractive brunette.” As a source told the outlet “Alex had a long dinner on Friday with two women and his nephew Nick Silva. A very attractive brunette at his table turned some heads at the packed restaurant, with some wondering if she was Alex’s new girlfriend.” Which, again, nope! Turns out she’s his business partner Liz Cohen.

Truly, this has been a ride.

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