Juicy J Assures ‘All Good’ With Record Label After Diss Through New Song

The ‘Shell Shocked’ rapper raised concern among fans on February 29 when he publicly vowed to ‘leak’ his whole album as a result of a fallout with Columbia Records.

AceShowbiz -Oscar-winning rapper Juicy J has assured fans relations with his Columbia Records bosses are “all good” after blasting label officials on social media and in a new song.

The hip-hop star raised concern among fans on Saturday, February 29 after publicly taking aim at executives on Twitter, vowing to “leak” his whole album as a result of the fall out.

He then posted a diss track online, accusing company executives of holding back his new music on the expletive-laden F**k Columbia Records.

The tune was accompanied by a photo of the late Prince from the 1990s, when he had the word ‘Slave’ scrawled across his face, as Juicy appeared to compare his tenuous situation with that of the tragic singer and officials at Warner Bros.

“I gave Columbia Records 20+ years of my life, and they treat me like backwash,” Juicy complained in one tweet, according to Variety.

The angry song and Twitter rant appear to have been enough to open a new line of dialogue between Juicy and his label representatives, as hours after his online outburst, the Three 6 Mafia star announced, “Spoke to @ColumbiaRecords We are all good (sic)!”

Juicy has yet to explain what exactly was behind his original tweets, but they have since been deleted.

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