Johnny Depp Admits to Cutting Off Own Finger to Frame Amber Heard?!

With everything that’s going on in the news these days, you might think there’s nothing that can shock you anymore.

So in that spirit we bring you the curious tale of Johnny Depp (allegedly) cutting off his own finger in an effort to frame Amber Heard.

As you’re probably aware Depp is suing Heard for $50 million for allegedly violating the non-disclosure agreement the two of them signed when they got divorced.

He’s also suing UK tabloid The Sun over a 2018 article that described him as a “wife-beater.”

A pair of high-profile lawsuits seems like a strange way to silence someone who’s airing your dirty laundry, which is probably why Depp’s legal team reportedly cautioned him against it.

But there’s no going back now, and as expected, the court case has led to a lot of potentially damaging information going public.

Earlier this month, things were looking bad for Team Amber thanks to an audio recording in which Heard admitted to assaulting Depp.

But in a blunder so colossal you have to wonder if one of his own guys is secretly working against him, Depp’s lawyers accidenally leaked 70,000 of the actor’s texts to The Sun, and the contexts have proven to be a treasure trove for Heard and her defense team.

First, there was the text in which Depp threatened to murder Heard and have sex with her corpse.

Now, his case against The Sun has yielded yet another bonkers revelation.

You may recall that Depp claimed Heard tried to cut his finger off during a fight that took place in 2015.

However, in texts unveiled in court this week (before the case was suspended due to coronavirus fears), Depp tells his doctor that he was the one who nearly severed his digit.

“I cut the top of my middle finger off… What should I do!?? Except, of course, go to a hospital,” Depp texted the doc.

“I’m so embarrassed for jumping into anything with her… F–K THE WORLD!!! JD.”

Depp’s lawyers will likely claim he was trying to protect Amber from prosecution — but that seems unlikely.

“Thank you for everything. I have chopped off my left middle finger as a reminder that I should never cut my finger off again!! I love you, brother. Johnny,” he texted the doctor 12 days later.

The Sun’s lawyers didn’t stop there, and their latest filing claims that Depp brutally assaulted Heard on the night of the alleged finger-cutting:

“That night the complainant shoved Ms Heard into a ping-pong table, threw bottles through window panels of a glass door, then grabbed Ms Heard and tore off her nightgown,” the filing reads.

“The complainant grabbed Ms Heard by her neck and choked her against the refrigerator,” The Sun’s lawyers continue.

“The complainant mocked her, while touching and grabbing her by her breasts and repeatedly shoved her up against the refrigerator,” the document continues.

“The complainant then grabbed Ms Heard by the neck and collarbone, slammed her against the counter-top and strangled her.”

Depp has yet to respond to these latest allegations and it’s unclear when the trial will resume.

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