Jhené Aiko Shares Anxiety and Sobriety Struggles With Fans: "I Know U Are Fighting Too"

Image Source: Getty / Rich Fury

Hours before she turned 33 years old, Jhené Aiko opened up to her fans about her struggles with anxiety, depression, and “unhealed trauma.” On March 15, a day after she presented at the Grammy Awards, the singer posted a heartfelt message on her Instagram page that delved into her complicated past with mental health and her coping mechanisms.

“I’ve spent most of my life being extremely sensitive, drained and nervous when around a lot of people and/or multiple energies at once,” she said, referring to her time onstage during Sunday’s ceremony. “I’ve spent most of my life with crippling insecurity… feeling awkward and shy in front of cameras and audiences. I’ve spent most of my life not understanding that my anxiety was causing a downward spiral, self medicating and self sabotage.”

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