Jane Fonda Advises Voters to Try Meditating as She Pushes for Joe Biden Election

Revealing that she has already cast her vote, the ‘Grace and Frankie’ star explains why people should pick the Democratic presidential nominee over Donald Trump in the November election.

AceShowbizJane Fonda is “on pins and needles” ahead of November’s (November 03) U.S. election.

The actress and social activist shared an essay on her website revealing that, despite having already cast her vote, she feels the need to encourage others to head to the ballots.

“I went to the post office with (dog) Tulea several days ago to mail my ballot,” wrote the “Grace and Frankie” star. “And yesterday, having tracked it, I was told it had arrived and been counted!”

The 82-year-old star, who makes no secret of her desire to see Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris in the White House, added: “We have to make sure that Biden/Harris are elected and that, given some time and respite from the hate mongering and divisiveness the welcome mat will be pulled back from the militias and the selfishness and irresponsibility of the anti-maskers will be better understood.”

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“My belief is that if Biden wins and is brave and bold (we have to make sure he will be), he can bring enough good jobs and pay proper attention to working people in the middle of the country who have been ignored and left behind by previous elected officials (of both parties),” she explained.

“That may be a step forward in quieting the anger that’s been erupting in places where militias exist, ease the despair that fuels the opioid pandemic and begin to address the underlying causes of police violence.”

According to reports, turnout rates could be higher than in any presidential election since 1908 and, as Americans head out in their droves to vote, Fonda offered advice for those feeling the stress of making sure their vote is counted.

“Take deep breaths, listen to calming music, watch TV shows that don’t increase our anxiety, talk to friends who feel the same, try meditating,” she suggested. “It calms me down to pay attention to my squirrels. There are 2 of them now and one actually took a peanut out of my outstretched hand yesterday.”

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